Star Aluminium

Visoline Tilt & Turn Windows

Product Details


Designed for use as fixed lights, tilt and turn, single or double sash, side hung (open in/out), tilt in, side or top hung (open out), horizontal or vertical pivot and tilt and slide windows. All options are internally beaded for use on domestic and all commercial applications

Special Features

  • All applications are internally glazed with square or round edge beads
  • Polyamide thermal break allowing dual colour option
  • Profiles span full height i.e. floor to ceiling

System Specification

  • Materials:
    • Aluminium alloy 6060/6063 T5/T6 in condition F22 to NBN P21-001 and DIN 1725
    • Thermal break: polyamide strips PA 6.6. 25% reinforced with glass fibre
    • Seals: EPDM to DIN 7863, TV 110 NFP 85301, ISO 3994
  • Finish: Polyester powder coat to BS 6496/APA-Qualicoat Guidelines. Anodised satin or bronze colours with EWAA/EURAS-Qualinod quality label. Dual colour available
  • Profile width: Various depending on design considerations
  • Depth of frame: 51mm
  • Glass: Glazing options from 4mm to 38mm
  • Sash inserts: Refer to Building Applications


  • Weather tested in accordance with BS6375 Pts 1
  • Security tested to BS7950
  • Tested to NEN-norm 5096. Security tested by SKG
  • Complies with Doc. L for thermal transmittance
  • Test Reports are available on request


Section Drawings


Tilt & Turn Handles

Product Details

The Bombardier Tilt and Turn is an elegant and robust operating handle designed specifically for Tilt and Turn applications.

Engineered with a firm grip, the Bombardier Tilt and Turn range have been designed for both residential and commercial applications, providing a positive and secure operation for any size.

The Tilt and Turn is available in four versions: Madeley, Dawley, Brosley and Ketley.


The madeley tilt and turn window handle has the ‘turn first’ feature , which has been updated and improved with more style, including comfort grip handle, additional strength and increased security, it retains 4 ‘stop’ positions and locks in the ‘closed’ position to meet minimum domestic insurance requirements. Madeley opens 180° key rotation, perfect for tilt and turn requirements.


The market leader for over 12 years, this ‘tilt first’ handle is now named Dawley. Featuring the same styling features, strength and security upgrades as its ‘turn first’ sister handle, it locks in the ‘closed’ position, having key controlled access to the unique Winlock tilt/lock mechanism, which, for safety reasons, restricts sash movement beyond ‘tilt’. Further operation of the key permits opening to ‘turn’.


Broseley is the first of two ‘tilt first’ handles. This handle locks in the ‘closed’ position with key controlled access to tilt/lock mechanism. Movement to ‘turn’ is controlled by a further key operation. 8 stop positions allow night vent at ‘tilt’ as well as ‘turn’.


Public buildings, multi-storey construction and safety sensitive environments demand not only a tough handle, but one with added safety features.

Sashes not only need unimpeded movement to permit them to be ‘closed’ for comfort or ‘tilted’ for ventilation but also demand an extra secure locking mechanism preventing unauthorised access to ‘turn’. Ketley offers this protection with a double depth steel pin.

An authorised key holder, however, can easily facilitate access to the ‘turn’ mode when cleaning is required.

Material Specification

  • Handle Zinc alloy to BS EN 12844, Alloy type ZP400 (ZP.3)
  • Backplate Zinc alloy to BS EN 12844, Alloy type ZP400 (ZP.3)

Barrel Assembly

Locking Barrel
Zinc alloy to BS EN 12844, Alloy type ZP400 (ZP.3)
Zinc plate and trivalent passivate/Albrafin Plate
Mild steel to BS 1449 CS4 BR
Zinc plate and trivalent passivate
Stainless steel to BS 2056 302S26
Detent Barrel
Acetal — Self colour
Mild steel to BS 970 220 M07pb
Barrel nickel plate — Key to be coined with Winlock Logo 80007
Waved Washer
Spring Steel CS70 Harden temper & Bronzed
Index Disc
Zinc alloy to BS EN 12844, Alloy type ZP400 (ZP.3)
Zinc plate & trivalent passivate
Detent Moulding
Acetal — Self Colour
Retaining Plate
Mild steel CS4 H3 BR BS1449 1991
Zinc plate and traivalent passive
Locking Bolt
Zinc alloy to BS EN 12844, Alloy type ZP400 (ZP.3)
Zinc plate and trivalent passivate
Bright Dawn free cutting mild steel
Zinc plate & trivalent passivate
Moulded Screw Cover Plated Screw Cover
Polypropylene ABS Finish
UV oil soluble vacume plate
ral 9016 and ral 9005 Gold plate and chrome plate
Barrel Shroud
POM (Acetal Co-polymer)
ral 9016, ral 9005